Business Network

Between the 1st and 3rd June the Shop Doctor visited a further 6 high street business based in Middlewich, 2 in Crewe and 1 in Nantwich Cheshire to identify solutions to help reinvigorate trading vitality.

In addition to the in store advice received from the Shop Doctor during each of the surgery visits each business will receive a written prescriptions report summarising observations made during the visit and recommendations as to how cost effective improvements might be enabled.

This latest programme of support activity is funded by Middlewich Town Council and Cheshire East Council.

Businesses who have come together in Longtown to find routes to help address issues raised in the Longtown Economic Development Action Plan discovered more about the potential opportunities provided through the establishment of a Community Land Trust at their 4th meeting last night (25th May).

Andy Lloyd of the Cumbria Rural Housing Trust attended the meeting and gave an insight into Land Trust establishment and the platform that such an organisation could provide to link commercial activity to community benefit.

The business network is being facilitated by Bill Smith of Let’s Talk Shop via Carlisle City Council funding. Bill had suggested that a Land Trust might provide an innovative route to help revitalise the towns retail offering whilst providing opportunity to develop visitor attraction facilties and affordable rental housing stock.

Following last nights presentation the group are excited about the prospects that such an initiative could deliver are now to further investigate the opportunity.