Showroom Share in Windermere – Success

This opportunity has now been taken up and the available space is providing a superb setting for an established  Holistic Therapist who was seeking relocation to a more relaxing and quieter environment than the health club from which she had previously worked.

The combination of an holistic therapist within a furniture showroom may seem an odd one but, for all concerned, the partnership is working very well.

Click here  to find out more about the treatments available or visit Lakeland Fells Furniture  or  Special Spaces  for more information about bespoke furniture or fitted kitchens.


A superb opportunity has become available to share a showroom currently occupied by a well established Windermere based bespoke furniture design and manufacturer, Lakeland Fells Furniture Ltd.

The showroom trades under the name ‘Special Spaces’ and specialises in the display of fitted kitchen and bedroom furniture, an alternative offer to the hand crafted furniture produced by Lakeland Fells Furniture at their nearby workshop.

Currently accessible via the existing kitchen showroom the two offices/showroom suites and separate storage area could be provided with their own entrance and be self-contained.

Alternatively there might be much to be gained from a business compatible with home rejuvenation sharing the entrance and the established footfall.

With three differently presented areas the space is just waiting for the right occupant. Whether it be interior design, creative arts, upholstery, soft furnishings, lifestyle, lighting or just something quirky this is the ideal opportunity for operating alongside this existing business.

For further details call Bill on 07766 208082 or email

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