Shop Doctor Programmes

Lets Talk Shop:

Helping to respond to the challenges facing retailers in rural and market town trading environments requires specialist treatment.

The team at ‘Let’s Talk Shop’ provide a range of bespoke business development therapy sessions delivered by “The Shop Doctor”, Bill Smith.

Whether retail surgeries, ‘one to one’ in shop appointments or retailer therapy sessions in the form of sector workshops, we can develop individual programmes to help identify the problems and provide routes to effect the remedies.

Contact us today for further information about our comprehensive range of retail support programmes.

Associates work with the company where required to deliver an extended range of specialist ‘treatments’.

Many of our support programmes are specially developed to support economic development initiatives provided through Local Authorities to help revitalise market towns or are developed specifically for a particular business sector or individual business.



A range of participative and motivational “Let’s Talk Shop” masterclass presentations have been developed, with the objective of re-engaging retailer enthusiasm in growing businesses vitality.

Personally presented by ‘The Shop Doctor’ these events mix elements of fun with the hard messages of how to make the most of a presence on the high street, all with the underlying objective of cost effectively maximising what the businesses are already offering.

Evening events provide an  excellent opportunity to bring retailers and their staff together to identify routes to help revitalise our market towns and trading communities.

Although generally orientated towards independent retailers the masterclasses impact on all businesses having a public face on our high streets and who seek to improve customer awareness of their existence.

Every business operator should recognise that the way they present their business impacts on their trading environment as a whole – encouraging businesses to work together to the benefit of their trading environment, and how to achieve it,  being a key messages from the masterclasses.

Each presentation is adapted to the trading environment in which it is delivered and address different key issues relating to business development. Elements of individual presentations can be combined to meet the specific needs of the towns involved.

Photographic evidence of participating businesses and images of good and bad practice elsewhere are included in the mix of PowerPoint, images and participative discussions aimed at re-engaging retailer enthusiasm in a thought provoking but enjoyable way.

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