Market Towns

Ensuring that our high streets and retail communities remain vibrant and profitable is a challenge facing many trading environments and, unfortunately, there is no one simple formula that can guarantee success.

Ensuring that those business trading on our high streets are diverse in their retail offering, well presented and making the most of their retail opportunities are just a few aspects of the responding to the challenge.

All too often there are issues about how the retail environment as a whole is presented, everything from the visual impact of the access routes into the town, the effectiveness and presentation of signage, car parking (availability and cost), provision of clean toilets, lighting and cleanliness of the streets themselves.

At Let’s Talk Shop we direct our expertise to the provision of an holistic overview of the trading environment by applying our extensive knowledge of why customers prefer to use  particular shops, and how to maximise the opportunity, to what can help attract customers to particular towns and how to ensure that, when they are there, opportunity is taken to deliver benefit to the local economy.

Over the last 5 years one-to-one Shop Doctor support has been provided to over 500 independent  retailers in 46 towns across northern England and southern Scotland.


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